Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shaving cream.

My sister and I share a bathroom. In this bathroom, we share a shower. When she is home and I go through the motions of being courteous, I use shampoo or plain soap to shave my legs because I don't care. She, on the other hand, has so many fancy lotions and potions that it is sometimes difficult to resist trying out a free sample. She departed this morning for a collegiate orgy pool party or something, so I felt at liberty to try out her products that she left behind because she obviously wanted me to benefit from them. I spied "Flirty Mango" shaving cream in the shower caddy. 

"Oh! Sounds promising... Seductive fruits of the jungle. Okay, I can work with this," I thought. Wrong. My legs are smooth but they smell like Play-Do. Don't get me wrong, I actually love the smell of Play-Do, but I don't personally want to smell like it. Kind of like how I like the smell of gasoline but also wouldn't spritz it on my wrists and then rub it on my neck. Epic free sample fail.

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