Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shit gets real.

Yesterday I got my promissory note in the mail. I still haven't signed it for psychological reasons. The move countdown hit 9 days to go today. I also got my section assignment, class schedule, and book list. Shit got real fast. 

Fall 2010 lineup for Gulawger: 
-Batting lead-off, three days a week at the ass-crack of dawn... CIVIIIIIIIIIIL PROCEDUREEEEE. 
-Batting second a whopping four days a week... PROPERTYYYYYYYYY. 
-Batting third, with only 25 other students... CONTRACTTTTTTTTTS. 
-And, batting clean-up, is... LEGALLLLL WRITING AND REEEEESEARCHHHH on Thursday and Friday morning!! 

Maybe I'm totally off-base (okay, baseball talk ends now), but I feel like these are the academic equivalent of starting off with a mouth full of saw dust. Kind of the drier classes all at once, no? Or perhaps it's just the academic hazing I need to jump start my ambitions for legal eagle-dom. All these books are expensivo. Muy expensivo. Shit gets more real by the minute.


  1. Property and Contracts: BLECH. DOUBLE BLECH.

    But Civil Procedure? LOVE. LOVE LOVE.

    I hated the Legal Research and Writing class, but it turns out that I really kinda like legal writing. Weird.

    Hope your first semester is a huge success!