Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birth of a blawg

Fresh sheets, the first slice of birthday cake, baby barnyard animals. There are certainly a lot of new things that make me feel happy and wondrous about the world, but getting the ball rolling with this first blog post isn't quite one of them. Nonetheless, like a moth to a flame or perhaps more like a mosquito drawn to its slow, sticky death in a citronella candle, I thee blog.

In about 2 months, my metamorphosis into a beautiful 1L butterfly will be complete. My future brings moving to a new city, orientation, awkwardly placed name tags, and yes, a legal education. I've read some different law student blogs and have been in equal parts entertained and horrified. So many signs point to running, very fast, in the opposite direction, but like an infant hypnotized by jingling keys, I move forth wide-eyed, toothless, and grinning with a little puddle of drool on my shirt toward law school. Voices swirl around me with words like: CRIPPLING DEBT. ENDLESS HOURS CHAINED TO A WINDOWLESS DUNGEON CARREL IN THE LIBRARY. YOU WILL NEVER FIND A JOB. OKAY FINE, IF YOU DO FIND A JOB, YOU WILL HATE IT. YOUR SOUL WILL BE DRAINED OF ALL JOY. But jingle, jingle, something shiny, I sent in my seat deposit anyway.

All the imagery swirling in my head after reading similar blogs came to a singular mental picture--law school is an educational gulag. Henceforththerefore, I have named my blog the Gulawger. I hope my experience will prove them wrong--I shall be the shining beacon of a positive, enriching law school experience blah blah blah. In the end I'm not naive enough to deny that they're all probably right. Cue menacing music.

Things that will shape my perspective on being a law student:
1. I am a girl.
2. I am tall. I often have to crouch down to hear short people and try as I might not to, I judge them for it.
3. I hate cats. Really hate them. My thoughts are summed up quite neatly here.
4. I love cultural references. Like Bravo and Dostoevsky.
5. I willingly put myself in ridiculous situations on as regular a basis as I can manage.
6. The state of my hair acts as a fairly accurate emotional barometer for my day.
7. I hate people who feel compelled to show their intelligence in public epileptic fits. So yet again, law school is the perfect place for me.
8. I can cook an awesome egg white omelet.
9. I've never seen Avatar.
10. I'm prone to snark attacks.

Here's to my blog. At bare minimum, it soaked up 30 minutes of time figuring out how to format it and another 15 minutes typing and compulsively saving. Hopefully however, the Gulawging fun has just begun.


  1. Welcome aboard. And good luck. It's a crazy world.

  2. thanks idwsj! 1.5 month countdown until life as a 1L begins. things are about to get weird.